Thursday, 21 June 2018

Key Competencies

Key Competencies
(the capabilities required for living and lifelong learning)

Halsey Drive School
                    A = Almost Always
                                                               S = Sometimes
                                                          N = Not yet
1st half of the year
2nd half of the year
Managing Self

I am organised for the day

I am willing to try new things

I complete work to the best of my ability and show initiative

I begin work straight away, stay on task and work independently

I can set realistic goals and explain how to achieve them

I make sensible behaviour choices

I happily take part in all school activities

Relating to Others

I cooperate well with others when working

I treat others with respect

I am a good friend and role model - especially at break times

I show good manners and cooperate with others

Participating and Contributing

I share my ideas and opinions with others

I listen well to other people’s opinions

I take part in activities outside of the classroom


I ask relevant questions to deepen my knowledge

I reflect on my own learning and say what I need to learn next

Language Symbols and Texts

I use a range of IT to share my learning

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

K2 the kiwi bird Diagram

This video shows a diagram of k2's leg being fixed.
W.A.L.T: Make evaluations and generalisations based on understanding of a text.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Billowing Balloon Experiment

Billowing Balloon Experiment      

W.A.L.T: write a specific question and make a prediction for
a chemical reaction

Question: Will the baking soda and vinegar make the balloon end up

Prediction: We think the balloon will pop and all the vinegar and
baking  soda will spill out.

  • Equipment:
  • ½ a teaspoon Baking soda
  • 50ml vinegar
  • 1 litre empty Bottle
  • Water balloon
  • Funnel
  • Teaspoon

Method :
  1. First you need to pour the 50ml of vinegar into your empty 1
litre bottle.
2. Next pour in the baking sod using your funnel
3. Stand back and watch the balloon inflate.

Results: The balloon expanded because of the gas that got created
which had nowhere else to go but up. The baking soda and vinegar
reacted and made the balloon inflate.
Vinegar: (H3COOH)+Baking Soda:(NaHCO3) =
Sodium acetate (Na C2 H3 O2) + Water (H20) + Carbon dioxide (O2)
Sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide were produced.

This chemical change is irreversible.

Conclusion: The balloon did not pop. Hence the vinegar and baking
soda did not spill out of the bottle.   

We did an experiment called the Billowing Balloon Experiment I
wrote a set of instructions for it.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018



W.A.L.T : Understand the purpose of writing,and the processes and features appropriate for the

“Yay” it was finally the activity that I was waiting for the entire camp! Stack’em! A lot of people
were anxious and scared of heights around me. I myself had a fear of heights but I was ready
and eager to have my turn.  We first had to pick a buddy mine was Alisha.

First Ash (our MERC instructor for Stack’em) went thru on how to play Your buddy has to pass
the crates to the climber, so the climber can use it to stack. Next the climber stands on the crate
and get ready for the next crate. After when the person is too high you can use captain hook to
get it to the top. 13 was the maximum. After Ash went thru the safety rules. All of us had to get
on a harness and helmet on for safety.
Alisha wanted to climb first. Her safety gear was checked and she started to build her tower.
After she stacked 6 crates I needed to start using Captain Hook. While Alisha was placing the
crates. I told her that using captain Hook is fun.I said “Using Captain Hook Is really fun when it’s
your turn you will love it”. Soon after Alisha was able to stack 13 crates when she stood on the
last one the tower started to wobble, So quickly she jumped of the leaning tower of Pisa! And
she hanged there like a worm on a hook.

While it was other people’s turns I was so bored so I started to make nicknames for everyone.
Ash’s nickname was Ashburton. I thought that it was funny! Finally it was my turn to stack and
Alisha’s turn to use Captain Hook. I was excited to do this but I was nervous seeing how other
people’s tower went so high up. When I stacked the crates I didn’t feel so nervous anymore But
the only problem was that I found it hard to put them in to stack. Once I got the hang of it, It felt
much more easy. Soon after I was able to stack 13 crates! That was a big achievement for me
since I had a huge fear of heights. I jumped of the crates and kicked the tower as the crates
plummeted to the ground.
We took of all our safety gear which I found quite hard to do I felt really proud of myself for being
able to make it to the top. I had a lot of fun, stack’em was my favourite activity of all camp!

In this piece of writing I used different sentences a mixture of simple compound and complex

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Aurora From Space Diagram

I like how I have used a clear picture. I need to work on adding more detail.