Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Movies

The Movies

Yay! Today was the day, I was going to go to the cinemas that day. I was going to watch Despicable Me 3, with my Dad and my brother. I went to this movie in the school holidays since it was the latest kids movie

I was very excited, just like a person that was about to get a birthday present  would be. When I stepped into the cinemas, the popcorn greeted me to come in more. After we entered the movies   everything suddenly wen dark , but definitely not spooky. As we went up the elevator. I became  extremely overjoyed, We entered the darkness of joy. But then suddenly when we sat down we had to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait very patiently. Then finally the movie started. Yay! I shouted in my mind io

The movie was very hilarious and had a lot of quirky bits as well. “ Maybe that is why the movie was so popular “ I said to myself. I thought that the movie was great but I also thought the movie could have been a little bit longer. That is what  thought but I still enjoyed it. Also in the middle of the movie a lot of people were talking. This was distracting and annoying. Oh and also buttery puffy popcorn was everywhere! I will give you some proof. When I was getting up from my seat and walking along the corridor guess what I stepped on, a whole heap of popcorn!!!!

Overall I had a lot of fun that day. The movie was great and I had fun. This was definitely the  highlight of my school holidays.

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  1. I like the way I used descriptive language